Monday, February 29, 2016

Week 2 - A District Divided

hola everybody!
this week was very interesting. last miercoles they tore Elder Johnson right from our District! which is a shame because I was really starting to like him. apparently one of the elders from another district decided to run the Latino track and so his compañero needed a compañero that wasnt on the latino track. so they took elder Johnson. also, we are now sharing Elder Mayer with another distrito porque they didnt have any guys and they need la sacerdocio in their district. and that district full of girls.  If youve ever seen the movie Mean Girls, well, that is what they are like. so its kind of sad, but we're getting used to it. 
hermano tilachi, my nighttime teacher, doesnt know ingles very well. and so as he is teaching us spanish we are teaching him english. its super fun! he is one of the most sincere guys ive ever met. he is also one of our investigators, and he is so awesome! he says he has a dream to speak in general conference one day, so we need to help him learn english. and then the other night  while he was bearing his testimonia con nosotros he said Jesús es mi amigo. we all need to learn from that and not only have Jesucristo be our Savoir, but also our friend. 
oh, and then the other day we were sitting in class doing personal study, and all of a sudden a bird just smashed into our window.  it was funny, but then i was kind of sad for the bird. so i went and checked on him and he was still alive but he wasnt moving. so i volunteered to say the opening orracion and i prayed for the bird and then he flew away! prayer is real folks, even for birds who smash into windows. 
also, this week Hermano Silva (our morning teacher) just kind of threw us into TRC which is where you teach like an actual person, not just your teacher pretending to be an investigator. so the lady we taught was a member, pero she had some problemas con la iglesia. and honestly thats all i understood the whole time, and mi compañera doesnt really understand any spanish at all so she didnt understand anything. but i just kind of said what i thought i should say and apparently it was what she needed to hear! that was el Espiritu Santo, i promise you that, becaus i was clueless. 
i really like it here porque there isnt really any carpet, so anytime you sing it sounds like youre singing in the shower. the acuostics are amazing. (me and hermano silva may or may not have had a Beyonce jam session one time. he just started singing "who runs the world" and i couldnt help myself. i know, i know. shame on me. and hermano silva. but we laughed a lot that was for sure.) 
AND THEN one night i was kind of frustrated with my spanish one time and hermano tilachi kind of pulled me aside and said my espanol was very strong and very beautiful. not efficient. but strong and beautiful. and I wanted to cry! seriously. it was so nice. el don de lenguas. 
this week we started teaching 2 investigators a day which is kind of stressful, but its okay. in the morning, its hermano silva, or Daniel and he is a really hard investigator porque he is only 16. and then we have hermano tilachi, or Ivan, and hes great. he has a drug and pornografia problemo, but he tries really hard. 
and last but not least, i seriously love the Latino personas here. really they are just so friendly and so humble. so i want to extend a challenge to everyone who is reading this to be more friendly and more kind. don't avoid eye contact with the cashier at the store. ask them how their day is going, SMILE AT THEM. a smile can mean more than words. And love people. it doesnt cost anything to love someone and to be kind. so just do it. with everyone. it doesnt matter if they don't speak English. Even if they look like they just walked out of a bar with their motorcycle buddies and look like they could beat you up. it literally doesnt matter. be kind and love everyone, because we are all in the same boat. 
okay, i think that is all for me today! i love it here in la CCM and i love spanish and i love the gospel.
les amo mucho!!! 
Hermana fowlks

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