Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Week 3 - Whoa, were halfway there!

First things first, if you sang the next part of the song after my subject title, you deserve an icecream cone! 
So this week, Hermano Tilachi, my nighttime teacher pulled me aside and said if I was going to help my district and most importantly my compañera, i need to speak only español. i havent done a very good job of doing that all the time, but mostly because my compañera doesnt understand me when i do that and its kind of important to understand each other haha. but its good! 
Also, the food here is taking a toll on one of the Hermanas in my room, and oh boy, it is quite exciting. lets just say weve already had to get a replacement plunger. poor thing. 
and then! there is something that sounds like cannon fire going on outside of the CCM. always! and it doesnt sound quite like gunshots, and everyone here is lying and wont tell us what it is. the best lie ive heard so far is from hermano silva, because he said it means its the death of another tribute, como the hunger games!
Our lecciones with investigators are going pretty well, but its really hard because mi compañera doesnt speak spanish well at all, and she cant really understand it that well either. so i pretty much have to teach and then translate for her and tell her what i said and what they said.  and then she tries to speak spanish and teach them and i have to translate for the investigator and tell him what she said. its exhausting. but apparently it works and the spirit is there because last week one of our investigators really like started crying, and he never cries. (maybe he was just crying because our leccione was so bad.. who knows) haha 
Then sunday i had to speak in sacrament meeting! i was kind of nervous, especially because it was all in spanish, but it was acutally amazing because i didnt even use my notes and the spanish just came and one of the latinos that was there told me that my spanish was really good. so it was awesome! 
More of our district got changed, our district leader is now a zone leader and one of the other elders is now our district leader. WHEN WILL IT END!
Then a couple days ago for language we were teaching classes but they had to be in Spanish.  so like my job was to be a psychiatrist, but in Spanish.  and one of the jobs was to teach a dance class and hermano silva, like rockstar, slid on his knees into the wall. it was crazy, but hilarious! 
also, i learned why there is no carpet anywhere. we cleaned a house the other day and just brought the hose in and sprayed everything down! we got really wet and it was really fun. 
also, if youre having a hard time with anything, read D&C 50, its a really good section. 
were going to the temple again today so that will be awesome!
les amo!!!! 

- Hermana Fowlks

 Me and my companera at the temple
 My district at the temple
 My favorite building... the gym!

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