Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Week 19 - Milagros en el calor! (miracles in the heat)

This week, I learned how to jump start a car! (Kind of embarrassing that I didn't know that before.....My dad has taught me before but I obviously didn't listen very well.) but anyways our car died twice this week because the heat was destroying the battery, and so the zone leader, Elder Burt, that had to drive a half hour to come rescue us (bless his heart) and he taught me a bunch of stuff about cars so that he and Elder Castillo don't have to drive out every time something happens to the car. The things you learn on a mission ;)

Wednesday when we went and got the car fixed, we walked about 3 miles to this smoothie place, and that was when I realized that if I was on a bike in the Imperial Valley I would die. Just walking out in that heat I was so hot! It is getting really hot here. This Monday its supposed to be up to 122. Also on Wednesday during power hour we had a guy just stop and give us all of his information and walk away. So we went and saw him on Thursday and he is really prepared! He just got out of prison and is ready to let God into his life.
Thursday a really neat miracle happened. We were finishing our power hour, and it had been a pretty crappy one where we had had lots of doors slammed, but we saw this guy like squatting down on the road. So we went to go talk to him and turned out he was a member who was from Idaho and he was here working going door to door for Vivint. Then his partner walks up, and he was a member too. So we talked to them, then all the sudden they were like well let's see who we know that you should go visit. And so they gave us 5 referrals that day! It was so awesome.

Friday we had District meeting with our new district leader Elder Baldwin.  He really cares about us as missionaries, not just the numbers were putting up on the board. So that's super cool. And Friday we had a lesson with Jasmin!! She had a baptismal date then like stopped contacting us all of a sudden. But we were able to get a hold of her, and we finally taught her again! And Hermano Anduro came with us and he is like the best member in the world. And it was such a good lesson! She's going to have a baby boy in November, and her and Ruben have to get married before she gets baptized. They said they were still thinking about marriage, but they would let us know. And we told them we would plan the wedding for them if they decided to get married ;) that would be SOOOO fun. Sister Garcia and I would have a party. Speaking of Sister Garcia, I love her so much. Like, I didn't realize how much a companion that is loving like her could change the mission.  She's starting to adjust to the heat, kind of haha. But she's got a really positive attitude and I like that :) can one really adjust to 122 degrees? I don't think so!

And then on Sunday and Monday it was pretty toasty. I didn't know I could sweat so much. But it's good!   But we had a zone wide power hour. And I wasn't sure where to go for it, so we decided to go to Holtville. Come to find out, that isn't even in our area! Oops. But we saw a bunch of miracles!

If you haven't read the introduction to the Book of Mormon recently, I invite you all to read it :) it truly is inspired!

I love you all!! Les quiero!
Hermana Fowlks

Sister Garcia and I after the sweatiest hour of my life.         Sunset in the farm, we love it here!
The new Imperial Valley Girls
Picture of the temperature on Sunday June 19, 2016 (just in case you thought I was being dramatic about the heat)

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