Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Week 24 - Lizard Shower 🐊🐊

Hi Familia!
Well, I'm not going to lie, this week was probably one of the hardest in the mission. But it was still awesome 👊.   It all started on Friday. We had a blitz in our area, where all of the missionaries in the whole Imperial Valley came to Brawley to help us find people to teach and clean our area! It was super cool. But, as I was getting into the car (this is a testament to how out of shape I have become) my knee did this terrible popping thing and I thought it dislocated! Yeah. I'm out of shape. But I walked it off and then we met a ton of people and miracles happened! But it was crazy. Then then next day, we were going about our regular business, and all of a sudden I realize that the phone is gone. Completely gone! So we spent like an hour searching, and then ended up having to use our members phone to call the zone leaders. Then we have had to use the zone leaders phone all weekend! It's been the worst because President keeps calling us thinking were the zone leaders. So embarrassing. But then on Sunday JUAN (our investigator with a date for the 13th) CAME TO CHURCH. YAS.  So he's still looking good to get baptized! Whoo hoo!

Then on Monday I found out I was getting transferred to Poway! Apparently it's like the wealthiest part of the mission. The best part is that it's only like 90 degrees there 🎉🎉  But then. To top it all off, I was in the shower this morning. Just, enjoying my last morning in Brawley, and I picked up my little scrubber thing, and to my astonishment (and horror) there was a LIZARD under there! Just chillin with me in the shower! I jumped out of there so quick! But yeah. So that was my crazy week. But it's been so good.

I love the mission so much.  And I'm excited to see what I can do for the people here in Poway! My new companion's name is Sis Bartholomew and we actually met at Snow College before the mission! She's really nice.  I think with time we will be really good friends! She just got out of training, and she was trained by Sis Tess Hanson who went home today! (McKell swam with Sister Hansen at Bingham).  And apparently this is the safest area in the mission, so that should give you some comfort ;) especially since I came from one of the sketchiest..haha. But I will miss that sketchy place! So so much. Brawley will always have a special place in my heart. I hope I don't get transferred to too many different areas over the course of my mission because I don't know how many goodbyes like this I can take! But I guess that's just how  the mission is and I just have to stop complaining.

I love you all! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Fowlks

This was our last district picture in Brawley.  Elder Strong's picture is on the ipad because he had to go to San Diego that day for departures.  From left to right:  Sister Garcia, Myself, Sister Romero, Sister Summers, Elder Strong (ipad) and Elder Baldwin.  

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