Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Week 36 - Everyone makes mistakes

Hi everyone!
This week was awesome. We're working really really hard and we are definitely seeing the results! (Both in teaching and in how tired we are haha) 
Tuesday was pretty good! Sunset cliffs was awesome. The Elders took us on all these crazy adventures up and down rocks and cliffs just to get us to the best view of the ocean. And they definitely got us there. :) it was awesome. Then we went and found Estela, and she's doing good.  We didn't see her at all last week cuz she was super busy. But I really like her because she's honest with us. If she didn't have time to read or if she did have time but she just didn't read then she just tells us! And I love that. Because a lot of people in this culture just tell you what you want to hear and it drives me a little nuts. But anyways we didn't have a lot of time with her so we just read the Book of Mormon with her.
But then Wednesday was so awesome! We went to Mira Mesa and tried to find some people, and we met Bernardita and her 8-year old son Bryan. Who we added as investigators! Hooray! We also met Maria, who we weren't able to add but she seems really interested so when we go see her again we will add her. Then we went and visited the Rincons, who are a less active/recent convert family, and it's frustrating because they're not making like any changes to come to church. But we'll see. Then we went back, and tried to go see Rogelia which fell through, then we did like 15 minutes of work on Facebook and then went and saw Elsy. She's so awesome. Her faith is so strong! And her daughter wants to get baptized but her husband won't let her so they do little things together to keep their faith and it's so cool to see.  Every morning when Elsy goes to wake her up for school, they go and kneel down in the bathroom so her husband won't see and say a whispered prayer and get out before he  notices! Yeah. Crazy. Then we had dinner with the Magadans and they are just the most special little things. We're teaching Noah, who is not necessarily our investigator but he is preparing to be baptized and his family just barely started coming back to church. They're so cute and I love them! 
Thursday we did weekly planning, which is most definitely not my favorite thing but it's important. One really cool thing that happened is our less active named Bonifacio who has been in the hospital for some time decided to make the best of his situation and offered to pray for people who were in pain there. And through that we are now teaching 2 more people! It's amazing what the power of prayer can do! :)  They're super cool. One is named Alejandro, and the other is named Zeferino. Zeferino has actually been taught by missionaries before but because of his health condition had to stop. We didn't have a lot of time, because they were waiting for a specialist, so we basically just sang "Mas Cerca Dios de Ti" (Nearer My God To Thee) and prayed with them and left. Bonifacio had already given Zeferino a Book of Mormon so we gave one to Alejandro. It was a good lesson though!
Friday was long, we didn't teach that much. But we did have a really good lesson with Jose! Brother Ahlstrom was also able to come with us so that was awesome. Then we had district meeting, which was good then we finished weekly planning and did some finding but it was unsuccessful. 
Sunday we had church, Sis Speigner had to speak so that was a little stressful but it turned out okay. We also went and taught Jose after church and talked to him about why it's so important to come to church and read the Book of Mormon (because he is doing neither of those right now) and it was good.
Monday we did some good stuff on Facebook, then we went and taught Alejandro. He's super cool! We taught him the restoration and Sister Speigner did her first baptism invitation! Finally! She's been so scared to do it and finally after 6 weeks of practice and coaching she finally did it. And he was like heck yeah I'll be baptized! Then he goes and tells us he lives in Escondido. So we'll be sending him to the missionaries there. But hey! At least he's getting baptized.
Then Tuesday we went to the temple! It was so awesome. It was like extra clear today and I think it was because I prepared more. I was able to read my patriarchal blessing in the celestial room as well which was awesome. 
Also, one of the little boys in our branch named Owen was showing us something about how he can draw, and he made a mistake. And he just looked at me and said "It's okay, everyone makes mistakes." And it's so true! Sometimes we feel like we have to be perfect, but we really don't.
Heavenly Father loves us as long as we try to be the very best we can be. That's a big thing I've learned on my mission. And I'm very grateful for it! 
I love you all, have an awesome week! 
Love always, 
Hermana Fowlks
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Sister McKell Fowlks
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A picture of the cute family we are teaching.  We're helping Noah get ready for baptism so we spend a lot of time with them.  (Noah is the one right next to me.)  Then Owen is on the other side of Noah and Eevi is the baby.  They are all so cute!!

Sister Speigner and I at Sunset Cliffs last week!

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