Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Week 34 - Hallelujah!

Hello everyone! I hope you're having a wonderful day. :)

This week was good, we found some people that might have some potential! I will update you all if they start to progress.  Tuesday we played sports with the Elders, but we just kind of shot around. Nothing too crazy. Then we came home and I opened your PACKAGE MOM and it was awesome! Super duper thanks! We have now decorated the apartment sufficiently. Then we had a lesson with Estela, which I felt went super well. She still has a lot of questions, so I felt prompted that we should read Joseph Smith History with her. Not the whole thing of course, but just the first 17 verses. It was super cool. The Spirit was definitely there, I felt it. And that Spirit just confirmed that all of this stuff that I was reading actually did happen and that Joseph Smith really was a prophet. It was a cool moment for me. :) I'm not sure if Estela felt it though. I hope she did. But from the looks of things ....not really. But, we did our job. We delivered it unto her, it's her job to let it INTO her heart.
We then went and taught some less actives, Lemuel and Rosario and their daughter Elsa. They're all super cool, but they can talk forever haha. But they love us, and we love them. They've just got to come back to stinking church!

Wednesday we had interviews with President.  They went well, he gave me some advice on how to help Sis Speigner and then Sis Schmitt told me how proud she was of me.  That was really nice to hear after these last few weeks!  I feel like we are just working so hard.  Then we had a Skype lesson with Jose.  He's doing well, it was a really tender lesson because we taught him how to pray and that he's literally talking to his Heavenly Father.  He began to cry and told us that he never knew that God actually loved him.  It was crazy.

Then Thursday we met these homeless guys who we talked to and they go to the Valley a lot so that was cool!  I reminisced with them about how wonderful and hot it is down there.  Friday we had district meeting which was good, I feel like I learned a lot about prayer from it and how important prayer is with our investigators.  Then we had lunch with our less active, Elsa.  Then we had a lesson with our less actives Sis Rincon and Hyrum.  They're awesome!  They just need to come to church. 
One thing that was really awesome that happened this week was when we were finding in this place called 4S ranch. It's a wealthier place, and my past experiences there have not been pleasant. People were just not the nicest and we didn't really see that much success. But I felt prompted that we should be there. So there we were, walking the apartment complex talking to people. We saw a man standing outside listening to music. I asked him what he was listening to and he just said "Chinese." And so I looked and there were some Chinese characters. So we started talking to him and found out he didn't speak that much English. So, I tried talking to him in what little Mandarin Chinese I have learned since being on the mission and that was unsuccessful. The only word he knew in English was "Chinese." So we decided to give him a card that had on it. And I tried my best to explain to him that what it was. I then said: "And you can change it to Chinese."  And then he said "Chinese?" And threw his arms up in the air and said "Hallelujah!"  And it was just so great to see this man who I'm sure was horribly confused at what we were trying to say to him, but he found such joy in the fact that someone could communicate with him in his language and talk about God.

Conference was wonderful AND also if you ever stood and sang or sang when the congregation had the chance to sing, remember we were singing together! :) kind of cool. Elder Rasbands talk was probably my favorite.   This week I have noticed more of my faults, but it's okay because I know that Heavenly Father is patient and He knows what both of us need.   So I have faith that as I am working my hardest then things will work out. :)
So my invitation to all of you this week is to find something that makes you say "Hallelujah!" It could be small or big. But Heavenly Father blesses us in little ways always. We just have to find them.  I love you all sooooo much and am so grateful for you!

Love always,
Hermana Fowlks

General Conference with one of our super cute members.

District Meeting - Me, Sis Speigner, Sis Lau, Elder Riley (back), Sis Whitcomb, and Elder Byington.

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