Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Week 41 - La Mesa


Anyways, I hope you all had such a good week! My week was super. The  highlight of the week was MTE's! It's like a big giant exchange and we receive a bunch of training President and Sister Schmitt and the AP's. And I got to go on an exchange with a Battalion sister! It was awesome! I didn't get to actually work in the Battalion, which was a shame, but we went to an area named La Mesa and it was awesome! It was cool to experience that area because that's only a visitors center area so I would have never been able to work there if it wasn't for exchanges. My companions name was Sister Brosio and she's just the sweetest thing! She's from Argentina, but she lives in Orem, UT.  Also my Spanish improved a lot because I was talking puro español all day. But but the end of the exchange I was starting to talk like someone from Argentina because that's where my companion was from haha. But yeah exchanges were really cool. And since I was with a battalion sister we got to run around old town the next morning! It was fun to see all the shops and smelling them making tortillas at that really yummy restaurant we went to before the mission.  We  had so much fun and saw so many miracles. I also got to see my old companion Sis Garcia and also another Sister named Sis Castañino and say goodbye to them before they go home next week. It was sad, but I'll just have to go visit them after the mission. :)

Tuesday we played some flicker ball which was super cool because it's pretty much ultimate Frisbee but with a football.  I did get clobbered by one of the Elders, but hey, it happens.  I also scored 2 of our 3 points though when we played to win.  Tuesday all of our appointments fell through except for Francisco.  But Francisco is just so awesome.  Like I love that guy.  It breaks my heart to be leaving him.  But ah well.  Such is the mission.

Then on Wednesday we did weekly planning and we had dinner with the family Reyes. They're really cool, we helped her move in to her new apartment a few weeks back so we were able to get to know her then. So that was cool. Then we taught a less active named Angel. We were actually looking for his dad who is also named Angel, but his 14 year old son answered the door and we talked with him for awhile and he said he wants to come to church! So we set up a return appointment and told him we would find him a ride. Then we had a lesson with Elsy, where we pretty much just talked about the Relief Society Christmas dinner that she's like super stressed and excited about because she's the new activities coordinator. It's actually really cool to see her grow in this calling. And then we were going to have a cita with the Familia Bravo, but we got there and we could find no parking. And it's a gated community so like it's so impossible, and it was so frustrating and we ended up wasting a ton of time and not even seeing them. 

Sunday we had ward council, which was good. We've been seeing a lot more support from the members lately so that's been cool! And we had to do stake packets with Presidente but it was all good because even though it's like long and boring we were able to set some good goals for the end of the year for the branch with mission goals. Then we had church! Which is always good. And then we had a mission presidents devotional! Which is pretty much a bunch of missionary musical numbers and recent convert testimonies then President speaks at the end so like it's just a recipe for a very spiritual night. I sang in the choir. :) oh and it's all in Spanish (well at least this one was) so it's even better! So yeah that was awesome.

I know that God is directing this work! And that we are all His laborers in the vineyard. Or in other words, we are all needing to help our brothers and sisters return back to Him. And I'm so grateful that I am here giving 100% to this great cause.

Please have a wonderful week everyone and make sure to tell everyone how grateful you are for them! Eat an extra piece of pie for me! 😉
I love you all!

Hermana Fowlks
PS thanks for all the birthday wishes!

Birthday selfie in my new shirt!
 Birthday dinner with the Morales family.

Exchanges with Sister Brosio!

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