Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Week 38 - Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

Last week was awesome!  We were able to teach Vanessa and set her with a date for the 26th of November and taught her through skype. And then by chance, we went and knocked the door of this referral we got like ages ago, and I was like okay if she doesn't answer then this is it. We're going to drop her. So we knock, and someone answers!  And she's like hey I know you!  And I was like um, no you don't!  And she was like yeah I do and starts explaining how she went to church and all this stuff.  And then it hit me!  We did meet when she came to church one time with one of our members!  So we went in and taught her the restoration (we taught it backwards which was interesting but hey it works) and we were able to set her with a date for the 3 of diciembre.  Which was cool.  I'll be gone, but hey!  At least she's getting baptized! The only problem is her work.  She works like every single Sunday. I feel like this is a recurring theme with all of our investigators except Vanessa. So if you have room in your prayers, you can pray that we'll find people to go to church! So that was Wednesday
Thursday we had weekly planning, and all of the rest of our appointments fell through. But we worked hard. 
Friday we had district meeting, which was so good! Elder Wilson (my district leader) is a pretty cool dude.  He's really inspired and district meetings are always like super uplifting and edifying with him. But that was literally the only good thing that happened on Friday.

Then Sunday we had a devotional which was supposed to be with Elder Rasband but his wife broke her shoulder like the day before so he had to fly home and Elder Hallstrom from the Presidency of the Seventy talked to us instead. It was so good! He's a really cool guy and I felt the spirit really strong. Then we also did a musical number in church on Sunday and sang Love One Another in English and Spanish. Then we had dinner with the family Valdez. 
And yesterday we went out to Mira Mesa and tried to teach a few people, but there were some very hard hearts. Then we came back and studied from 6-9 PM since we weren't allowed to be out. It was actually really good and there are a couple things I will be doing differently in my work here and hopefully that will make a difference. Also Sis Hayne brought us dinner to our apartment while we were on lockdown which was super nice. 
One of the cool things that happened this week was with a YSA member named Jordan. He came out with us to what we call a power hour, where we walk around for an hour and don't go back to the car until we find someone to teach and the hour is up.  So Jordan was with us, and we found this guy named Jerry. And we had been talking with him for a while, when he asked what the difference was between the Bible and the Book of Mormon. And I was about to explain, when something made me pause and I heard the Spirit say, "Let Jordan do it." So I did! I handed the Book of Mormon to him and he explained it and it was really cool, because Jordan is thinking about a mission.  So, lesson learned this week: Stop talking for long enough to let the Spirit speak.  

I'm so grateful for all of you and I hope you have a wonderful week!

Thank you for all your love!
Hermana Fowlks

Selfie with our investigator Vanessa via Skype!  Look close... Sister Speigner and I are in the upper right hand corner!

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