Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Week 42 - Diligent December

Hey everyone! 
This week was great!
Tuesday was fun, all the missionaries at P day were telling me happy birthday all day and they even let me win at chair soccer. (Which I'm really bad at.) then we had dinner with Elsy, but it was actually like a surprise party and 2 other families from the branch came and it was crazy! Like it was good, but you know how I feel about being the center of attention.....and with Spanish parties it's like..woah. Crazy. So anyways, that was good. And that literally took up the whole night.
Wednesday we had district meeting, which was good. We talked about the Christmas initiative and how we can apply it. Our district leader is SO AWESOME. He's just such a good example to me about how we can completely dedicate ourselves to the work and put everything we have into it. But he also has a good balance, and teaches out of love for the Lord and other people. He's just really a good missionary. Hooray for awesome leaders!
Thanksgiving was pretty much a normal day but we ate dinner at 3 instead of 5 and we ate way much more than we should have haha.  We ate with the Hayne family.  So we went there, and wouldn't you know it, the only two open seats were at a table filled with teenage boys! It actually reminded me a lot of when all of the teenage boys in our family sit together. They were very sweet to us though and took good care of us.
Then after district meeting we went and visited a new Familia. They're awesome, super nice, they just need to come to church! Then we went and visited our friend in the hospital,  and he was with one of our old investigators! So we taught them both! And he bore a powerful testimony. Hooray for surprise member presence!  And then we had a good lesson with another one of  our investigators. She's cool, we had to  kind of force our way into her house, but after we taught her and got to know her a little bit, she became more open. 
Then we had dinner with the family Varela, but wouldn't you know it, they were just having Thanksgiving leftovers at Elsy's with the Martinez family! And so we hung out with all of them, again! It's okay because they're cool. And we planned with Hno Varela about how we were going to present the Christmas initiative in Sunday school. Then later that night we had a lesson with our sweet recent convert Eva, who is just so cute. We taught her about the Plan of Salvation,  and the spirit was so strong, it was so cool!
Saturday we had a lesson with a less active sister, who just had a baby on Tuesday! My same birthday! And we got to see her.....it was so special. Just this cute little newborn baby who came right from Heavenly Father! Then later that night we went and visited (and said goodbye to 😪) the Familia Bravo. I seriously love those guys so much. And I was so sad to say goodbye to them, I started crying during the closing prayer! It was so sad. But I will come back to visit them! 
Sunday was literally one of the most stressful days of my life. We had to go to the church early so I could practice the hymns, because Sis Valdez was out of town and asked me to play the piano. But we couldn't find one that wasn't being used. So we went to find Hno Varela, to help Plan because we had to give the lesson during relief society/Priesthood with him so we planned for that. Then we realized we forgot my Bluetooth speaker so we had to rush back home, and got back just in time to teach the Sunday school class. Then we had to teach the relief society Priesthood class, then, wait for it, I had to speak in sacrament. And play the piano. But it's all good! I survived! 
Then Monday we got a call from President in the morning telling me I was being moved to Santee to be a sister training leader! I was so nervous (still am) and I was like shaking because it made me so nervous! But I feel better about it now. Then we went to Mira Mesa and found this super cool guy! And we taught him the restoration and he totally accepted the restoration, didn't accept the baptismal invitation but hey it's all good. And we referred him to the Tagalog elders because he's from the Philippines. And then we had dinner with the Valdez family and it was super sad to say goodbye to them. 
Also as a mission we're focusing on diligence. The Savior was the perfect example of diligence, and we can all continue to strive to become like Him by being diligent in our church duties and love for those around us. ❤
I love you all, I hope you're having a wonderful week! Also, go check out the Christmas initiative and do everything you can to do it! Here's the link: 
Hermana Fowlks 
Mailing address:
Sister McKell Fowlks
California San Diego Mission
7404 Armstrong Place
San Diego, CA 92111-4912
Birthday Celebration with La Familia Martinez
 Birthday with La Familia Varela
 Birthday selfie with Elsy
 Birthday with la Familia Mahecha
 Last District Meeting in Poway
 Chicken selfie!
 My new Companion Sister Kopfler

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