Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Week 57 - Video this week!

Hello Everyone!

So I didn't want to write a group email this week, so I'm making a video.  This week was really good!  We were able to do a lot of finding, we were able to teach a lot of people and its really cool because I get to testify of Jesus Christ every single day.  And I love it!  Like with anyone on the street, I get to bear my testimony.  It's sooo cool!  And it really makes my testimony grow, I love it so much.  We were able to set someone with a baptismal date!  Her name is Jackie, she is so sweet, she is so nice so she's hopefully getting baptized on the 8th of April. 

The biggest adventure of the week probably happened today!  Because we decided to go to sunset cliffs, that is why my hair is the way it is.  And we found this really cool swing .   I loved it, it was the coolest thing.  Because you could get pushed, and you could sit up there, and you'd be able to see the whole ocean.  Well not the whole ocean, but a big part of it.  And I was just like in my happy place,  I was just like  "I never want to leave here, this is amazing!"  And so after I finished swinging, a couple other people went and swung on it and I was like " I want to do it one more time before we leave."  But we decided to swing, and I came back and something happened and the swing was twisting and the swing like completely broke!  And I fell probably like a ten foot drop.  And I fell... and I like was so embarrassed, and I got up and I was like.. "I'm fine, I'm fine"  and one of the Elders was like "Look at your finger!"  and it was like covered in blood.  I was like "Its fine, its just bleeding a little bit"  and then one of our members was like "Uh.. its a little more than bleeding".  And it was like HUGE.  And I was like "Well, its broken".  But its not actually, and I can still move it.    But this is the damage (She shows us her finger).  Hermana Estrada did a really good job of fixing it.  She did just make me a quesadilla, so she's the best.  I mean... and there's Sister Garcia...  she helped fix me up too.  She actually just told me I was being a baby, but...  yeah.. she was gonna flik it... ok that's enough. 

But my companions are taking care of me.  I'm gonna be good...  I'm gonna be ok.  (Sister Estrada starts singing "I'll be home for Christmas"  in the background.) 
Well, I love you everyone.  I hope you have an amazing week.  I know that the work is true.  I know that I'm here doing the Lord's work.  And I love you all... BYE! 

PS.  We had a zone conference at this cool place called camp wildwood, which is pretty much just a girls camp.  But we went there, and had a few hours of training then went on a hike to this giant cross!  And we all carried a rock up the hike, which was supposed to be like a burden we had been carrying.  Then we got up to the cross and put it at the foot of the cross.  Super spiritual, super cool. 

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