Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Week 71 - Praying in the Street

Hey everyone!
This week was good!  The missionary work side of things is actually going pretty great. We were able to re set two more people with baptismal dates and they are so excited!  We took them to the temple and that's when they decided to be baptized. The spirit was super strong. It was cool! And yes we just went back and taught the man with the chihuahuas last night. He has lots of questions but I think he will be baptized.

It's not too hot here, it doesn't usually get over 90 because we're right by the ocean. 😎 it's awesome. And okay, homecoming on the 27th of August...  not panicking about that haha. I'm not ready for so many white people!  Haha just kidding. It will be good. Oh my gosh if you decorated my room Mexican that would be so so awesome. I would die haha.

Something happened a week ago that I forgot to share and I wanted to write it here. We were driving home from something and we drove past this man who looked like he was climbing the fence of the bridge. And the spirit told me to pull over and talk to him. But I didn't. But then the spirit was like "That man is going to end his life if you don't get over there right now." So obviously I turn around, my heart going a million miles an hour, and we start to talk with him. Sister Echeverria was terrified because this guy looked really sketchy and I didn't really have time to explain what was going on. I looked at his hands and they were really dried and cracked open. So I put a band aid on the biggest cut on his hand and then gave him my lotion and hand sanitizer and a bunch of other band aids. We then asked if we could kneel down and pray with him. And so we did, there we were kneeling down on the side of the bridge of the freeway. And as we prayed,  he broke down crying. We invited him to church where we could get him some food, and we gave him the groceries that we had just bought. (How convenient that we hadn't taken our groceries home, right?) anyways. It was really cool.

I know this is His work. He literally carries me through everyday. I wouldn't be able to do it if it wasn't for Him.
I love you all, have a wonderful week.
Hermana Fowlks
Sister Fowlks loves books!
 The old district together again
Superstar Sister Missionaries!
It was fun to see Sister Garcia again!
The Temple with our investigators

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