Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Week - 27 - Elder Arnold, Raccoons, and the Jungla

Hola mis amigos,

This week was a pretty good week, we added a lot of investigators! We will see if any of them will progress, but I think they've got some potential!  We also were able to hear from Elder Mervyn B. Arnold (for those of you that watched General Conference this last year, he gave the talk called "To the Rescue") from the 70. Wow. Everyone has those moments on the mission where they say "that it changed their life" and I could say that listening to this man speak was one of them. And the cool thing was is that he came to our stake conference so I got to hear from him a few times!

Tuesday was such a good day. We taught Maria (we're probably going to drop her, she's not interested in being baptized at all.) but then we taught David and Hernando. OH MY GOSH I love them so much. Seriously, the love I feel for them comes from my Heavenly Father, that is for sure. They are such wonderful people, and they have such a strong desire to learn. They were taught in Colombia, and they went to church and everything. They are super cool. Hopefully we can get them on date for baptism soon. We are going to teach them about temples in the next lesson, and hopefully that will make them want to get baptized sooner rather than later. But they are so awesome, seriously. And Hernando made us these delightful little pork potato fried things (so unhealthy) but they were so good. Oh my gosh. Colombian food is so bad for you haha but so yummy!

Friday we did exchanges, and I went to Santee with Hermana Castellanos. (We are the only Spanish speaking sisters in our zone so we have to go to another zone to do exchanges.) it was cool! She's super awesome, she's from Houston, TX. We set one of their investigators named Kenny with a baptismal date which was pretty cool.  Then Saturday was a pretty long day, but it finished out on a good note. We had to do weekly planning and that took almost the entire day. But then we had stake conference that night! And usually missionaries don't go to Saturday night sessions of stake conference but we got to go because ELDER ARNOLD CAME AGAIN. 🎉 So we got to hear from him another time. It was super awesome! After my mission I am going to write him and thank him, because seriously he has said some things in the last few days that have quite honestly changed my life and how I view everything. Especially Jesus Christ and the Church. He is such an inspired man. We also got to hear from Pres Schmitt Saturday night, and it's always cool to hear from him because he's like our dad out here on the mission. He takes good care of us.

Then Sunday morning we had stake conference again, and Elder and Sister Arnold spoke again. It was as wonderful as ever. Sister Schmitt also spoke, and that's like hearing your mom speak so it was good. I can feel how much they love us when they speak, and I love them. :)

Then Sunday evening was very interesting. First of all, I almost fell down a flight of cement stairs but luckily caught myself. Then, we were walking and Sis Bartholemew smiled and she HAD A BUG IN HER TEETH. And then we found this super drunk guy, who was like standing really close to us and I almost smacked him when I thought he was going to touch my companion. But then, the highlight of the night was finding a family of raccoons! They were so cute. And we added 2 new investigators, Mikaila and Jorge. They both seem like they might have some potential, we will see!

This work is of the Lord, that I know. I love you all sooo much and am so grateful for your support! Have a wonderful week!
Hermana Fowlks
From left to right - Sister Bartholomew, Sister Howell, me and Sister Castellanos.

Me and Sister Castellanos when I went on exchanges to Sante on Friday. ( I got a bit of a sunburn)

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