Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Week 29 - Laundry Miracle and Lamp Teaching

Hello all!
I hope you all had an awesome week.  Friday was a super interesting day. It all started with the morning.  We were role playing, which is where we pretend to teach an investigator so that we can practice it and it goes more smooth when its the real thing. We usually teach our lamp during these practices, which in this case, the lamp was our recent convert Hayrum. And we usually leave our door open in the morning because it's nice and cool outside. So as we were teaching Hayrum the lamp, all of a sudden we hear "um, sorry, but my cat is in your house." And we turned and looked and sure enough there was this giant white cat just hanging out! This poor girl probably thought we were crazy because we're sitting in there teaching a lamp that we keep calling Hayrum and then her cat came in our house.  And it did not want to leave. So that was an adventure getting him out!
Also on Friday, we had district meeting, where our district leader and his companion got in an argument in the middle of  the meeting. Super awkward. Then we had to go get air in our tire, but we couldn't figure out how to do it. So those same Elders that were fighting had to come help us get air in our tires. And when they came,  Elder Riley found a screw in our tire! So that was sad. Then we went and taught Hayrum, a recent convert (not the lamp). Then we had dinner with Elsy, she's super cute and awesome. Then while we were contacting in these apartments called Monte Vista, there's like these big scary bushes and someone starting running at us from behind them! So we ran away. And we were terrified, and now we don't go over there at night haha. (My fear of big bushes when I was younger was justified.)
Thursday was weekly planning, which took 5 hours. Because the area book (the book of all of our members, less active and active, current investigators, potential investigators, and former investigators with teaching records, addresses, telephone numbers, and other important stuff) is really messy.  Like there are so many partial records, or just stuff that doesn't make sense. Also we're trying to plan to teach an English class, so we had to try to figure out when would be a good time to do that. But then later that day we had a lesson with Ramon who is super cool, and we took a recently returned missionary with us, and we were able to set him with a baptismal date for Sept 24! It was awesome.
Then today, actually just like an hour ago, we saw a miracle and the power of prayer! So we do our laundry at this member's house, and she gave us a garage door opener because she's not home most of the day.  And the garage door opener is kind of a pain, it doesn't really work all the time.  But we went today, after we already had one load in, and we went to put in another, and the garage door opener wouldn't work.  We tried and tried and tried for like 10 minutes, and nothing! So I said to my companion, "Alright, let's pray." So we did, and what do you know, we tried again, and on like the third try, the door opened!  We were so grateful for that little tiny miracle.
We believe in a God of miracles, and I testify that He lives and knows every aspect of our lives. And sometimes He tests us, sometimes He tries us, but He always loves us.  I invite you all to find the little miracles in your lives.  Also, I read this quote the other day that I thought was really profound. Take what you want from it, then act on what you get. 😊

"What a beautiful and happy world this would be if all of us would strive to live these [gospel] principles to the fullest. Our efforts and influence would affect millions. Examples improve society more than sermons. Most people would rather see a sermon than hear one."
-Elder Dallin H. Oaks
I love you all SOOOO MUCH and I am grateful for the love and support and prayers I can feel from, you all. Have a wonderful week!
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Selfie with Sister Bartholomew and a singing bird.
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