Tuesday, September 13, 2016


Hi familia!

This week was pretty good, training is making my hair fall out (not literally, nobody panic) but I love it. My new companions name is Sis Speigner. She's from Indiana and she's so sweet!  She's way out of her comfort zone, but as President Schmitt says, there's no growth in the comfort zone. So she'll adjust soon I'm sure. :) I'm trying very hard to be patient with her, and I am trying to teach her everything she will need to know for the mission. It's a lot of responsibility and a little stressful! I feel like I'm kind of on my own here.  But it's okay, her and I are both out of our comfort zones. ;) we get lost all the time because I don't know the area very well, and the gps system they have us use on the iPad's is garbage, so we're lost most of the time.  But all is well!  I just hope I can help her enjoy her mission but also at the same time help her grow and improve.  She can't speak very much Spanish, and as her trainer I speak pure Spanish to her.  So I'm sure that's a little frustrating to her, but already her Spanish is improving!  And it helps me too.  I'm actually surprised at how much Spanish I know....I thought I didn't know hardly any but I'm almost fluent!  So yeah, hopefully her Spanish can improve soon.  Tuesday we did transfers, it was fun to see Sister Garcia again! I had missed her very much.  She goes home in 2 transfers!  It was also fun to see some of the members of my old zone, and Elder Johnson from the MTC.  He's going to be a zone leader in the Valley with Elder Burt!  He's going to do awesome.  Then we went and played sports with the Elders!  It was soooo fun. I hadn't done that for a while, I'm thinking we might start doing that again.  Sis Bartholomew didn't like sports....well neither does Sis Speigner but we'll see.  Then later on Tuesday on our way back we missed almost all of our appointments because we got lost.  Tuesday night the bathroom drawer fell out on Sis Speigner's foot and did a number on it.  It was so sad!  Welcome to the mission, here have a big wooden drawer smash your foot!  Yeah, now it's all bruised.  Super sad.  But luckily she's toughening up...and hopefully her foot is not broken.

Wednesday we had to be at a training at the Mormon Battalion at 8 AM.  They had a special training for the trainers while the new missionaries (the babies we like to call them) took the tour.  I learned a lot about how important my calling as a trainer is, they put a little more pressure on us, and I got a little scared haha. But I feel better about it now! Also, they waived my driving suspension! Whoo hoo! That was a miracle. #blessed.
Then after the training, we went back to Poway and went grocery shopping, in which we discovered that Sis Speigner's mission card didn't work, so all of the groceries were bought on my mission card.....que triste.  But that's okay, our AP's are sooo awesome and fixed it for us so now she can use it! Then on Wednesday we did a lot of finding, we found a new investigator named Jessica. Which was exciting, because we've been really struggling finding people to teach!  But then our appointment with her on Thursday fell through.

Then Sunday we went to church, and Jose finally came to church!  It was such a miracle.  We finally brought an investigator to church. Seriously. It was so great! I think he liked it, but I think he prefers English, so we might end up sending him to English elders. :( but oh well, as long as he gets baptized at some point.)  Then later Sunday night we had dinner with the Valdez family. It was AWESOME I learned a recipe for salsa which was cool. It was really spicy though (which is good for me) but if I remember how your salsa tastes Mom,  I would say yours still comes in first. This one is definitely in second though. Then we did a bunch more finding. Not very successful, but that's okay. I'm working Sis Speigner to death haha. But it's good! It will set her pace for her whole mission so it's got to be good.

Monday we did a bunch more finding, we had a couple of good contacts but no return appointments. I'm working on my Chinese and my Farsi so that I can talk to everyone out here cuz this is a super diverse area.  I need to learn Tagalog as well, but let's keep it to 3 languages at a time.  Tagalog is a lot like Spanish so I can kind of get my point across....I love learning different languages though! It's so cool to see people open up when you try to talk to them in their native tongue.  Even if you do a horrible job. Haha. We then had a branch family home evening which was cool. This branch is so special.  Everyone loves everyone and we just have so much fun all the time. I love it here and I never want to leave.
Okay so this week I have been studying the power of prayer. "Do our spouses, children, and other family members likewise feel the power of our prayers offered unto the Father for their specific needs and desires? Do those we serve hear us pray for them with faith and sincerity? If those we love and serve have not heard and felt the influence of our earnest prayers in their behalf, then the time to repent is now. As we emulate the example of the Savior, our prayers truly will become more meaningful."     -David A. Bednar

So, whether you go to church or you don't, I invite you all to pray and to pray fervently. Not just for yourself, but for others and I promise that the Lord will not fail you. I know He lives.

Have a wonderful week everyone!
Hermana Fowlks

Lunch selfie.  Yes that is broccoli.  
Sister Fowlks with her baby Sister Speigner

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