Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Week 44 - Fear Has No Place With Me

Hola Everyone!

This week was sooooo good!
I have never been so busy in my whole life. First of all, our training went well on Wednesday. So that was nice. 
I think one of my favorite things that happened this week was on Friday, during our lesson with one of our investigators. He's from Haiti. We were with our AMAZING member Manny, and Manny was talking about how he was kind of afraid to get baptized at first, but then he wasn't afraid when he started trusting in the Lord more. Then our investigator got real serious and said: "No piensan que tengo miedo. Miedo no tiene lugar en mi." ("Don't think that I'm afraid. Fear has no place with me." Thus the subject.) And it was so great. So that has become my moto. 
Sunday we got to go to the Mormon battalion! It was fun to go, and it was also cool do to the tour in Spanish.
Then Monday night we had noche de Hogar in the casa de la Familia Arellano. They're so awesome. This family is just 2 brothers and their dad, and they all got baptized like less than 2 years ago. Their dad is inactive, but these two guys, Manny and Julian, have some of the strongest desires I've ever seen to bring people the gospel. And they're just amazing.
AND we got to go do service with them on Monday to help them get their house ready for Noche de Hogar and what job do I get stuck with? GIVING THEIR GREAT DANE A BATH. Yeah, I wish I had a video or something because I'm sure it was hilarious. I will never ever complain about giving my little tiny dog Max a bath ever again.
Anyways, that was my week! I love everything about the mission. I never want it to end! And I love you all! 
Hermana Fowlks 
 Branch Christmas Party with the Elders
 Many of our Investigators came to the Christmas Party!
 Me wearing the cool vest of our member friend Manny
 Sister Klopfer and Me

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