Thursday, January 12, 2017

Week 48 - Its Good To Be Alive

So this week was SO GOOD.  But ended so sad.  Because my companion got transferred! But it's okay because my new companion is named Sister Garcia and she's awesome.

So we had James's baptism on Saturday which was like the most amazing thing ever. He was baptized by Manny, who has been such an amazing friend to him through the whole teaching process. And then also Sis Klopfer and I sang a song in Haitian creolle which I'm sure sounded interesting but it's all good! And then James gave his testimony at the end and it was amazing. There will be pictures I promise!

Then on the day of Tres Magos it was super interesting.  We were just knocking this guy's door and he invited us in for a Rosca de Reyes which is bread that is full of cream cheese.  And so we went in!  And the thing about this holiday is that they're celebrating when the three wise men went to go see Jesus.  And they eat this bread that if you find this little plastic baby inside you have to make tamales.  Kind of random, but it's all good!  And so we go in and it's me, Sister Klopfer, and Julian.  And they realize that the year before on this day that missionaries showed up as well!  So they're like "What if they are the three kings?"  And then they called us the tres Magos for the rest of the night. Super weird! But it was good and were going back to teach them next week.

And I think that's about it! Thanks for all the love and support. ❤️
Hermana Fowlks
James' Baptism with Julian and Manny.  Manny baptized him.
Blitz with the YSA selfie

Sister Klopfer saying goodbye to Julian and Manny
The Missionaries did a blitz with the YSA ward. 
Manny and Julian tagged our car to say goodbye to Sister Klopfer.

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