Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Week 47 - Why a Lamb?

Hello all!

This week was a very good one! We are working so much with James. We see him every day and every day he comes with more questions and a stronger testimony. He's so special! I feel so grateful that Heavenly Father has given me the chance to help him be baptized!  So James has this notebook that he writes down all of his questions and summarizes all of chapters and pamphlets he reads. This week one of his questions was golden:

James: "So, who is this Lamb of God that Nephi is talking about?"
Manny (our member): "It's Jesus Christ."
James: "But I don't understand. Why a lamb? They had so many animals to choose from! Why would they choose a lamb?!"

So anyways I thought that was really funny and we were able to explain it and all was well. But I love it because questions are how we build our testimonies and James has a lot of them! So to all of you, keep asking questions! Keep learning more about Jesus because as we come to know Him we come to love Him.

Besides that not too much to report! I did cut my companions bangs today so that was scary. But they actually turned out okay! Haha.   I wrote early because we now start p day at 9 AM and also we went to the zoo today so we did emailing early! The zoo was way fun. Our member gave us free tickets so that was super nice.

New Years we actually didn't do it with the zone.  We were in by 7, studying.  Whoo hoo!  Actually it was really good.  It had rained all day that day.  So we celebrated by buying Manny dinner at in n out and then going home to study.  It was a good time!  We don't really do parties  together as missionaries.....the picture was from our missionary leadership council meeting where they had some stuff on Monday. Sister Schmitt wanted to take a selfie haha. Yes I still like being an STL! This area is awesome. We are doing exchanges again with Poway this week but I will be staying here and Sis Klopfer will go to Poway. I should be staying here for transfers, I mean I've only been here for one transfer! I really hope I stay. I'll be super sad if I go. Sis Klopfer will probably go though which is sad.

I love you all! Have a good week. :)
Hermana Fowlks

 Sis. Klopfer's Mom sent us aprons for Christmas so we made breakfast!
 One of our members gave us free tickets to go to the Zoo.  
We went on pday of this week.  It was super fun! 

 All of the zone leaders and sister training leaders at leadership council meeting.
 Selfie with Sister Schmitt. 

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