Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Week 51 - La gente piensa que vendemos drogas (people think we sell drugs)

 Hi everyone!
Tuesday we had an interesting night. We were on our favorite street, Bradley. I say Bradley is our favorite street because we're there literally everyday. The thing about Bradley though is that it's super sketchy at night. So usually we take Manny and Julian with us to walk there at night just in case. But Tuesday night, we felt bad for all the times we had taken them out and thought they might need a break. So we set out on Bradley (don't worry mom I took my pepper spray with me) and we see this guy and we start talking to him. It happened to be in the parking lot of a liquor store. And the guy working at the liquor store comes out and yells "Hey I thought I told you not to sell drugs in the parking lot!" And we were like "Uh were not selling drugs." And he just laughed and went inside. We finished the contact with the other guy (his name was Joshua) and it was like 8:55 so we thought that maybe we should start heading back to the car because it was like a 10 minute walk. (For those of you who don't know missionaries have to be in by 9:30.) but something about the guy who yelled at us caught our eye. So we decided to go and contact him! The thing was, that he was working as the cashier at the liquor store. And we thought, "well we can't buy anything there." But then I looked in and saw a paleta! (Which is like a popsicle thing) and I thought, hey we can buy that! So we did! And it turns out the guy wasn't interested, but he gave us a referral for his friend! So moral of the story is listen to the Spirit. And trust it! 
This Saturday a few of our investigators should be getting baptized! Their names are Stheker and Adeline. They are a family from Haiti, and are so awesome! One of the hard things about them is that Adeline doesn't speak any Spanish. Only kreyol. But it's okay! Because her husband and James translates for us. They are so so sweet and we love them. 
I love you all! Have a good week! I want to invite you all to find a way to make the gospel personal to your lives. And apply it. :) 
Hermana Fowlks  

McKell's mom here - as you can see McKell's emails are becoming short as she is very much immersed in her mission and the people she is helping.  She has had some wonderful experiences working with and helping refugees in the area as well as one very special family with two young men preparing for missions, Manny and Julian.   I asked her about giving more detail so we can understand how she is feeling about her mission now that she is one year in and this was her response:
"Sorry I don't put so much detail in my emails. It's like tunnel vision. I'm right in the middle of the tunnel, so I don't see much of the front or the back of the tunnel. I only see right where I am at. I'm so into my mission right now. I love everything. Especially our members here."
Hiking Kwaay Paay Summit

 Sunday selfie with Julian and Sister Garcia


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