Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Week 73 - Punching Things Causes More Problems

Hello all!
This week Sandra was baptized! Wahoo! She was so happy and it was so cool to see eternity change for her. We are working with her sister Susana and she should be getting baptized at the end of July. We're so excited for her and she is so ready to be baptized. The only problem is that their family hates us. They wouldn't even let us use the bathroom. But it's okay! The work doesn't stop.

Today we are going to go to Old Town and I'm going to try to find a cute  dress to come home in. (I know, that's super trunky, but I want a cute Mexican dress and Old Town is probably the best place to go to find one. Besides México of course.) but that will be fun! We have to be in by 6, so we will literally be doing no proselyting. Which is pretty lame, but we already helped a drunk man in the laundromat named Joe today so we're still finding ways to invite others to come unto Christ. Sounds like a fun 4th! I've heard Wonder Woman is good, I'll have to see it when I come home. There's a drive-in movie that we drive by every night so I catch glimpses of some movies. I saw like 30 seconds of Despicable Me 3 last night haha. That will be so fun at the Gorge! Please document everything. I want lots of pics!

President and Sister Stubbs are super cool. They're way nice, and Sister Stubbs is so loving. I think they're a little freaked out right now with everything that's been going on and all the new stuff. But they'll adjust. It's just like any missionary that first gets to the mission field, it's a literal punch in the face haha. But then it becomes awesome! It's cool because he depends a lot on the mission leadership council, (which is us) to help him know what to do. So we have to step it up. And I like that. It keeps me busy and I'm able to be focusing on ways that I can help improve the sweet sisters we take care of, and myself so that this mission can keep going up. And also so I can keep going up. The trajectory at which you leave your mission is the same one that you will continue. So if I leave going up spiritually, then I will keep going up spiritually as long as I keep working hard.

The most interesting thing that happened this week happened on Friday. For those of you who have served missions, you might remember that missionary work is stressful. And Friday was a specifically stressful day, and we were going to visit some people and I see a punching bag hanging from a tree. And I thought, "There it is! The release of my stress! A punching bag!" So I walk up to it, wind up, and just punch it with all I have. (Mind you, I have a pretty weak punch.) but, to my surprise, I all of a sudden am in extreme pain. And realize that I definitely made a bad choice. And then, later on when the pain didn't subside, realize I HAVE SPRAINED MY HAND. yep. From my own punch.  How embarrassing.

Anyways, that was my week. I'm so grateful for your prayers. And I love you all! Have a good week.
Hermana Fowlks
Sandra's Baptism!
 Sister Missionaries are the best!

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