Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Week 4 - No Strangers

¡hola mis amores! (Hi my loves)
Last week started out one had water Wednesday morning! so no one could shower or anything. Todas las personas (everybody) smelled really interesting.
but it was okay! because then we went to the temple. we were there for 7 horas! but this time everything was in ingles and not spanish like last time. (we used translators) 
Then me and my compañera decided to adopt a new motto. "We praise him when we win, and we praise him when we lose." So basically we pray after and before every single lesson, thanking God that we had the opportunity to teach and the opportunity to learn a little more. Our lessons are getting better.  we work on my compañera´s español every single day, and i think its really helping. 
oh and hermano silva has a new life motto: "check your lipstick before you come for me." and sometimes he´ll even add "sweetheart" at the end if he's feeling really sassy.  interpret that however you want! 
Sunday was fast Sunday, and we fasted from lunch Saturday to lunch Sunday. I don't know how many of you know this about me, but i get hangry really easy. so i was a little worried about this whole thing. but i actually didn't even get hangry until after fast and testimony meeting which was pretty much lunch anyways!
The Lord was watching out for me that is for sure.
Then a couple days ago i woke up with like this giant sore on my lip and my lip was like the size of alaska. it was crazy. so we went to the enfermaria (nurse) and he gave me this ointment stuff, and the sore has gone away now but my lip is still ginormous. he told me i just need to give it time......but i look like an ogre so thats fun! oh well! the work continues on. luckily the spirit still talks to people that have giant lips. 
this week i have learned a lot more about listening to the spirit. i've realized that when i am nervous i talk really fast (so my spanish gets worse) and then there is no room for the spirit. so i've been practcing slowing it down, and letting the spirit speak to me. its gone tons better! so make sure you leave room in your life for the spirit! 
then last night we watched a broadcast from Elder Rasband about missionary work. apparently it was broadcast to all of the CCMs in the world. but it was cool, because at the end he said "Prophets and apostles are no strangers to the voice of the Lord." and its really cool that the same people who assigned my mission call are no strangers to the voice of the Lord!  anyways, that was awesome.
that's it for this week!! try not to be a stranger to the Lord, and try to become more familiar with his voz (voice). 
les amo mucho!! ( l love you much)
Hermana Fowlks

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