Thursday, March 17, 2016

Week 5 - No mucho, lo siento

Hola mis amigos!
This week was not terribly eventful. Hermano Silva gave me a really good pep talk, and told me that I need to treat each lesson like I did my swimming races. Sure I feel nervous, excited, but I should be ready to go beat everyone else in the pool. (or more like beat the devil, but you know, same thing) and it was soooo motivational! 
Then Sunday night we had to say goodbye to some good friends from another district. They left this last week! it was very sad. ill attach some pictures of the final goodbye. :)
Also, I met a guy this week who lives in Tijuana and knows the Garcia family that I stay with when I go to build houses down there! So I attached a picture of us two that we took. 
And um, now I'm realizing just how uneventful this week was. I'm sure next weeks email will be much longer!  haha. 
I love you all!
Hermana Fowlks

Here is part of her personal letter to me -
I am seriously so sad to be leaving this place. I have met people here that i will love forever!! And i will send pictures this week! Last week we didnt really take any haha. Its getting pretty hot here in Mexico. I am sweaty pretty mucho all the time. 
Im glad your leccione went well! Im getting pretty good at teaching lessions. 
I just know that I have to be at the bus at 2:30 in the morning...yuck. 
I doubt ill be emailing before I leave again. 
And part of her personal letter to Madelyn -
One thing that is funny here that we do with another district is we have this class called TALL at the same time, and we usually don't have teachers because its on a computer. So this district is in one room and we are in the other and then we have sing offs! Sometimes we sing Justin Bieber, sometimes we sing Disney, it doesn't really matter. but it is really really fun!!


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