Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Week 7 - Here In Brawley

Well, I've made it!

     I got here and on the first day we took pictures and got our companions.  On the plane on the way here I talked to a marine named Bryant, and he wanted to know more about the church and asked me for a Book of Mormon!  It was really great.  The first day we took a tour at the Mormon Battalion, then we did a lot of finding. We do a lot of finding every day. Which is hard, but good! My companion's name is sister Tuia.  She's from Samoa, and is great!  We have a lot of fun, and I feel like our friendship is growing slowly but surely.  One guy we found is named Joshua, and he is great. He was the first person I invited to baptism, and now he has a date for April 16!  I'm really excited for him.  He's great.  He's really talented at the guitar, and he writes songs about every chapter he reads in the Book of Mormon.
      It's really hot here, and sometimes we ride our bikes around to find people.  But wow!  I get so so so sweaty haha.  But that's how we make some of our greatest contacts, so bikes it is.  Not everyday, but some days.  People usually just let us in because they're worried we're going to die of a heat stroke haha.  I'm also the ward pianist now!
      We went to the general women's session, which was all about service!  I learned a lot about what I'm doing here, and I really enjoyed that session. It helped me fill my spiritual bottle just a little more.  This week has definitely not been easy for me. Saying goodbye to my family at the CCM was really a struggle for me, and I'm pretty  homesick for Mexico.  But, I know that with the Lords help I can do all things!
      I read a conference talk today about the Holy Ghost, it's by Henry B. Eyring and I encourage everyone to read it!  Remember that God is good, and that Jesus Christ is not only our Savior but also our big brother and our friend. Turn to him with everything.

Les amo mucho!!
Hermana Fowlks

A little part of McKell's letter to me:
     Brawley is HOT and very different from Mexico.  My heart yearns for Mexico always and I might have to go live there or something after the mission haha. I got everything, thank you SO MUCH getting packages from home makes a huge difference.  I'm pretty homesick, for Mexico haha.  But it's good.  I don't think I need anything, except maybe more sleep haha. I love you!
Hermana Fowlks with her new companion Hermana Tuia from Samoa
Hermana Fowlks' MTC district pointing to where they will be serving on the map. 
Dancing with Hermano Silva. 
This pretty much depicts their realationship with Hermano Tilachi.
Classic white girl mirror selfie in matching CCM shirts. 
 Hermana Fowlks with CCM companion Hermana Shurtliff.
All of the CCM district with the branch presidency.
Another district in the CCM that Hermana Fowlks became close to.  The one flashing the tang signs in he back with the gray suit is JUST LIKE PRESTON!  It was crazy.  But all of these people were sooo awesome. 

Hermana Fowlks loved the little parrots that were all over the CCM.

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