Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Week 12 - Ask and Receive!

Hi everyone!

I hope everyone's week was good, mine went by really fast and it's hard for me to believe that it's already Tuesday again.  This week was a crazy week! To start it off, we had exchanges which are always good.  I love being able to teach more people and I learned a lot.  I went to El Centro again with Sister Summers.  I love our Sister Training  Leaders.  I really do learn so much from them.  And then, I learned an awesome lesson about patience...
So in this awesome package that my mom sent me, I got this little flower thing. And I wanted it to grow really bad. So I watered and watered, and nothing! And then, throughout the week, we had to drop almost all of our investigators. They just weren't progressing.  And I started to think, will I ever see a baptism out here?  So there I was, thinking that my flowers were dead and that baptism just wasn't possible for me. BUT THEN. One morning, I woke up and there was little green things sprouting out of the dirt! The flowers were growing! And then that night, we received a referral for someone named Jazmine. So we went and saw her and she was so prepared! And she and her husband (who is a less active member) want to get sealed in the temple. She is on date for the 28th, and we are really excited. So, just when you're ready to give up, don't! Because the flowers will grow. 🌻

We also saw miracles this week!  We had one of our investigators that we were ready to drop tell us that Jesus answered her prayers (which is huge considering she believes in the Virgin Mary) and she is also going to come to church with us!  She was out of town this Sunday, but we had a lesson with her for the first time in the church on Friday.  We also gave her a church tour.  So hopefully she will come to church next week! 
So that was an awesome part of the week! And Sister Tuia and I are really trying hard to become the best missionaries we can be.  It was transfers this week and since I am being trained there were no changes in our companionship. However, they dissolved the English part of the mission in Brawley, and so Sister Tuia and I now have the English and Spanish parts of Brawley! We got all of the investigators of the English speaking Elders...and we've got a whole ward to get to know. But Sister Tuia and I have been praying for more people to teach and ta da! Here you go! We are excited for the challenge, and a little nervous as well because we are both still new. So if you have any roomin your prayers for us, they are appreciated. :)

Les amo mucho! Have an awesome week.
Hermana Fowlks
Hermana Fowlks and Hermana Tuia with ward member Gloria. 

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