Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Week 13 - It's getting hot!

Hello family!

This week was a pretty great week. We have been working like crazy to be able to get to know the English ward and all of their less actives.  I have never been so tired in my life. But it's good! We sometimes just have to plan standing up so we don't fall asleep haha.

But this week we added two people with a baptism date! They just moved here from the Phillippines and their parents are members and they want to become members as well. They're super sweet girls. We also have a baptism this week! The English Elders were teaching someone named Salvador, and his baptism is this Saturday. So we're trying to make sure that he is ready and that he has what he needs in order to become baptized! We're really excited! :)

On Wednesday we went throughout our day, had a couple of appointments, talked to some new people from the English registros, and then had our power hour where we talked to a man that was convinced we were a cult and that Jesus had already done His work and we didn't need to do anything but believe in Jesus, that He is the only way.  He was concerned for us because we were so young and they forced us to come out here and blah blah blah.  Anyways, we continued on throughout the day, and it was good.  We had an appointment with Bishop Smith from the English ward, and got some guidance from him.  And the day finished out great with us visiting a family from the Elders who are so prepared for baptism.

Then Thursday morning during personal study, I read in 2 Nephi 28. And it talks about the last days and false churches and men and whatever else. And some of the verses in there were the EXACT WORDS as we heard yesterday from those people who were so against the Church!! Crazy right?? I witnessed prophecy coming true right there.

The next few days we visited a lot of less actives, or tried to anyways. A lot of them weren't home.
But Sunday was such an awesome day! After I talked to you guys, we went and taught Damian, and had such a good solid lesson with him. He really is preparing himself to be baptized. And the Cook family, his fellowshippers, are also so awesome.

The only downside to this week, is that it is starting to get really really hot. And the Lord is testing me that's for sure. After a while of walking around in the heat, my body just starts to shut down and my motivation levels drops rather quickly. And we've still got like 20 degrees to go before it gets to the hottest part of the summer!  So....I guess all I can say is please pray that I don't melt. ;)

But, the work here is so good, and I am really starting to see how big of a role that Heavenly Father plays in my life. God is good!

Les amo mucho mucho!   Tengan un buen semana!

Hermana Fowlks

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