Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Hey everyone!

This week was a super great. We had a couple of really fun adventures.  First off, Salvador didn't get baptized this week, which was sad. But we want to make sure he's converted! So we're thinking this Saturday or the next. But, one of our other investigators, Damian, is getting baptized this Saturday! He's super solid and we're excited for him.

At the beginning of the week, however, we experienced a biblical plague. And you may laugh, but I'm serious. We came home after a long day, and our house was infested with giant, flying ants. Everywhere.  So I put on my big old rain boots and starting smashing them and killing them and doing everything I possibly could to kill them all!  And after about an hour. We got all of them. And we swept them all up and threw them outside. Everything was fine.
But then...  We woke up the next morning and there were MAGGOTS all over the floor!! So our excercise that morning was killing maggots. We were sure we were living the plagues.  But after we got that taken care of, we went throughout our day.

Then on Wednesday we had zone meeting with our new zone leader, Elder Burt. It was great! The stake president, President Smith, came and talked to us about getting the members involved and really helping every member become a missionary. And helping them all get to level 3, which is where they are actively doing missionary work and feel comfortable having lessons in their home and inviting other people to come to church activities. So, we're working even harder by trying to get more members comfortable with missionary work. So we all felt really pumped up to get out there and encourage our members!! Then after zone meeting Elder and Sister Reilly took the whole zone out to lunch, so that was super nice of them.

Also, we had a potential investigator we were going to go visit. And she told us that she had big dogs. We were kind of wary to open the fence and walk up to the door, but we thought about what Jesus would do if he were there, and He would go in! So we went in.  I was knocking on the door and my companion was keeping watch. So I was knocking, and I turn around and Sister Tuia is gone. And then I look around the corner, and I kid you not, dogs bigger than the dogs in the Sandlot were running at me. So I start running, and Sister Tuia gets out of the fence, and whether in her rush to get away from the dogs or because she wanted to leave me as bait I don't know, but she SHUT THE FENCE. So I had to scramble to open it again and barely made it out alive.  I was shocked that she would just leave me for dead like that and I made her buy me a smoothie afterwards. But then we found out later that the lady was home! She just sent her dogs after us and watched us run.

Sunday was a really good day, church is awesome. Everyone in the English ward is so happy to have sister missionaries, so it's cool.  Then we had dinner at the Cook's, (Sarah Royall's cousins) where we taught Damian, who is getting baptized this Saturday. Then Sunday night we had a fireside. Damian went, and so did one of our other investigators named Danitza! And she really liked it. She's a sweet girl. Then we finished off the night by visiting an awesome family who are less active, but are just so sweet. The daughter that lives there just lost her son about a year ago. He was four months old when he died. And she really depends on her Heavenly Father for everything. It was really cool to see her strength.

So that was our week this week. Slightly terrifying, but good because  we're doing the work of the Lord. I love you all! Have a wonderful week!

Hermana Fowlks

One of our old investigators gave us these ice masks to put on our face because she said we have dark circles around our eyes....and I feel kind of like a superhero when I wear them. Please ignore my messy hair.
Bowling with the District in Brawley.

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